I was dealing with a

I was dealing with a particularly nasty legal battle and my lawyer’s assistant mentioned that she was going to see her acupuncturist to help deal with her emotional issues to help her unwind. Having never heard of such a thing I asked her if it really worked. She assured me it did. I went looking for an acupuncturist in my area.

I asked my internist (a D.O.) for a recommendation and he said there was only one person he would consider recommending because of her extensive high-level training. That is how I met Kristi. It was about 12 years ago I think and I believe I was one of her earliest clients. I explained the situation and told her all I was interested in was relieving the persistent anxiety associated with this ugly legal battle. Kristi assured me she could help and she did. The results were miraculous. The tension and anxiety melted away; the relaxation was wonderful. I saw Kristi regularly throughout a brutal three-year legal battle involving corruption I never imagined possible. She kept me sane. A psychiatrist I see because of ADHD told me at the end of the battle he could not believe I was still sane considering the battle I had gone through. He told me whatever the acupuncture did it really worked.

I continue to see Kristi more occasionally for a tune up and for a number of minor physical issues. She helped my daughter through a torn ACL and have recommended her often. I have known her a long time, not only as a healer but as a friend. She is a real treat for anyone who gets to know her.