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I’m really not sure I

I’m really not sure I can do justice to the talent and skill that Kristi Hundt brings to her good work. It’s possible there aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary. I was originally referred to her by my chiropractor because I was hot all the time. Truly a human space heater. Prior to that I had no significant experience with acupuncture and no idea at all about the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine. In an amazingly short time Kristi had my personal climate under control with a combination of herbs and acupuncture. And then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. What a nuisance! And Kristi was right there with me through an arduous course of chemotherapy and later radiation. Throughout chemotherapy my labwork was remarkably good, which I attribute to the incredible support Kristi provided. And once all of the treatment was concluded, it was Kristi who helped me navigate my way out of the inevitable brain fog that comes with chemotherapy. Kristi’s knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine seems to be encyclopedic and her skill with acupuncture unquestionable. And at the same time, she has the good grace to see her work as a partner to Western medicine rather than a substitute for it. That’s pretty cool. It makes one feel as if one is getting the best of both worlds. At least it does for me. I can’t say enough good things about Kristi Hundt’s work. She’s amazing.


Over the last 15 years

Over the last 15 years Kristi has helped me tremendously. Very sensitive, knowledgeable and intuitive . Keeping my body balanced, I highly recommend for whatever your needs are.


My husband first starting seeing

My husband first starting seeing Kristi to help with some neck pain issues he was having. It was so successful for him that he recommended that I go too. I have anxiety issues relating to past trauma. With her acupuncture techniques, supplements and her caring and supportive attitude I have been feeling much, much better. For every single thing that we’ve turned to her for: neck, knee, calf pain, cold, flu, menstrual support, anxiety and others, her help has always been effective. I continue to be amazed by how much help is available to me and my family all rolled up in Kristi Hundt MA, LAc.


I was dealing with a

I was dealing with a particularly nasty legal battle and my lawyer’s assistant mentioned that she was going to see her acupuncturist to help deal with her emotional issues to help her unwind. Having never heard of such a thing I asked her if it really worked. She assured me it did. I went looking for an acupuncturist in my area.

I asked my internist (a D.O.) for a recommendation and he said there was only one person he would consider recommending because of her extensive high-level training. That is how I met Kristi. It was about 12 years ago I think and I believe I was one of her earliest clients. I explained the situation and told her all I was interested in was relieving the persistent anxiety associated with this ugly legal battle. Kristi assured me she could help and she did. The results were miraculous. The tension and anxiety melted away; the relaxation was wonderful. I saw Kristi regularly throughout a brutal three-year legal battle involving corruption I never imagined possible. She kept me sane. A psychiatrist I see because of ADHD told me at the end of the battle he could not believe I was still sane considering the battle I had gone through. He told me whatever the acupuncture did it really worked.

I continue to see Kristi more occasionally for a tune up and for a number of minor physical issues. She helped my daughter through a torn ACL and have recommended her often. I have known her a long time, not only as a healer but as a friend. She is a real treat for anyone who gets to know her.


Kristi was suggested to me

Kristi was suggested to me when I had sciatica so bad I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time during the night. I had been dragging my leg and was in an awful mess. I saw doctors who wanted to do surgery right away on my back. A friend saw how bad a shape I was in and gave me Kristi’s card. That was almost 10 years ago. Kristi cured my sciatica which for me was a miracle. Her healing touch with her craft is truly amazing. I continue to visit Kristi’s now at her new location in Solvang to just stay ahead of other recurring injuries that surface from time to time.
I’m here to tell you that Kristi is the most compassionate, caring professional I have ever had the privilege to meet in my 6 decades.


After bloodwork showed I had

After bloodwork showed I had an under active thyroid, my doctor suggested that I see an endocrinologist who could prescribe medication for me. The thought of having to take thyroid meds for the rest of my life didn’t sound good to me…and I couldn’t get an appointment to see an endocrinologist for 2 months anyway. A friend recommended that I try acupuncture, I was skeptical but I contacted Kristi Hundt anyway. She treated me for 6 weeks (with acupuncture and Chinese herbs), and then I had my bloodwork done again. Much to my surprise the bloodwork showed my thyroid was working, and well within a normal range. She is a very skilled healer and I highly recommend her.


I was a huge skeptic

I was a huge skeptic when it came to acupuncture. For several years I had pain in my lower back and hip. I tried physical therapy and had several steroid injections. I finally let Kristi work her magic. Her ability to assess and treat my sciatica pain were awesome!
Kristi is very knowledgeable, and has a natural ability to connect with people. She is so well suited in her profession,. Thank you Kristi!


Seeing Kristi for both acupuncture

Seeing Kristi for both acupuncture and herbal supplements has been one of the most healing experiences of the last few years. Not only was Kristi able to help me solve some confusing health issues, she was thoughtful, reassuring, knowledgeable and asked very detailed questions in order to pinpoint the problems, their underlying causes and help me through treating them until my body became healthy again. I highly recommend Kristi as an acupuncturist and as a health counselor. I feel like I have found an advocate and advisor in her and that is so priceless! I totally recommend her!


Kristi was my acupuncturist for

Kristi has been my acupuncturist for over 10 years. She is very professional and intuitive. She also has a great knowledge of Chinese’s herbs. She’s continues to further her education whenever she can keeping up on the best techniques to cater to each patient individually. I highly recommend her!


Kristi has helped me so

Kristi has helped me so much through the years! With my knee replacement she did a technique called threading that helped me heal with scar tissue build up and made my scar nearly invisible! Kristi’s holistic approach, professionalism , and sense of humor at times, makes seeing her a full healing experience!


Kristi is not only a

Kristi is not only a dear friend, she is a miracle worker! She is amazing at her craft. Whether it be Women’s Health issues, Acu-facials, or just wanting to feel better in your body; Kristi is there to help and listen. Her knowledge of Chinese herbs is mind blowing. I am so glad to call myself her patient. Her new clinic is AMAZING…warm, inviting and safe. I truly can’t say enough about this special gem in our Santa Ynez Valley!


I am a Santa Ynez

I am a Santa Ynez Valley resident and have been lucky enough to benefit from Kristi’s incredible care for over ten years now. She has been my primary care specialist in treating a number of incredibly painful conditions including sciatica, rotator cuff issues, pinched nerves in my back (that traveled down my right arm), meniscus tear, regular stress/anxiety that has led to sleep issues… you name it. And no, I am not a total mess – I am a normal adult in her late 40’s that is going through all the usual trauma that comes with an active life! However, let me be clear: I do not ‘enjoy’ needles or acupuncture – but I continue to see Kristi because she has worked through and resolved every issue I have had. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, thorough, empathetic, professional and efficient. She is a great listener, keeps excellent notes on my conditions and is always positive and quick to respond when I have questions or concerns. I still don’t like acupuncture. But I REALLY do not like being in pain and having my life disrupted by physical issues. So, Kristi Hundt will forever be on my speed dial and I will consult her for any future ailment she will allow me to throw her direction. By the way, she has a truly lovely new office in Solvang. Quite pleasant and convenient. ~ A.W.J.


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