Trauma Recovery

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to heal from traumas for centuries. Kristi relies on diagnostic skills to differentiate which channel networks are involved and tailors each treatment accordingly. She believes in the body’s natural ability to restore itself and has helped patients recover from a variety of traumas including: abuse, PTSD, severe injuries, surgeries and rape. Treatments include general acupuncture as well as 5 needles in each ear to calm the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Ear points are used throughout the world to treat trauma and in other situations where calming the SNS is needed such as natural disasters and the treatment of veterans for PTSD. Kristi volunteers at the Solvang Vet’s Hall on holidays and has also provided no cost treatments at UCSB’s ROTC.

Post-surgical patients also benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Scar therapy is applied at the site to speed the healing process locally while general and auricular points are selected to counter-act the effects of anesthesia, improve circulation and decrease pain and promote detoxification. Herbal salves and liniments can be applied topically to increase blood flow and recommendations for ingestible herbs are also given to speed the healing process. Kristi has helped many patients recovery from joint replacements and other orthopedic surgeries as well as gynecological surgeries. She values her role as a member of an integrative care team. She has been treating trauma at the Family Counseling & Trauma Healing Center, Inc. since 2019.

Addiction Recovery

Acupuncture has been successfully used for addiction recovery since the 1970s. The treatments are customized to each patient and includes 5 needles in each ear to calm the SNS and promote detoxification in the lungs, liver and kidneys.  Acupuncture has been proven to reduce cravings, minimize withdrawal symptoms, lessen anxiety and promote better sleep. It is widely-used across the nation in court mandated drug rehabilitation programs. Kristi has focused on the treatment of those in recovery since her clinical internship at the Portland Addictions Clinic during the 1990s. She has been treating addiction recovery at the Family Counseling & Trauma Healing Center, Inc. since 2019.


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