Brief History:

Written records documenting Chinese herbal medicine date back over three thousand years.  More than nine thousand herbs are classified into distinct categories; and their properties, therapeutic behaviors and synergies are part of the vast compendium of Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology. Today well-trained herbalists benefit from centuries of data as well as cutting edge research.

How It Works:

Herbs are classified by taste, thermal property, direction and channels entered.  They are evaluated for toxicity, contraindications, chemical composition and pharmacological effect.  A differential diagnosis is made by an herbalist before herbs are chosen.  This ensures that each patient’s channel and organ systems are being appropriately addressed and the root cause is being treated.  Chinese herbs treat your constitution as well as your symptoms.

The Clinic:

During the initial appointment, each patient’s internal landscape is studied so the recommended herbal formula will be crafted to the individual.  Follow up appointments monitor changes and your herbs are adjusted as your situation changes. Herbs are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers with well-documented systems in place to check for contaminants and ensure purity and effectiveness.