Brief History:

A form of microneedling was used in ancient China for skin rejuvenation. In the early 1900s Ernst Kromayer, a German Dermatologist began experimenting with various-sized dental burrs mounted on motor-driven flexible cord equipment. He treated scars, birthmarks and hyperpigmentation. Later a French scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Alexis Carrell continued experimenting and eventually immigrated to New York, a hub for dermatology in the twentieth century. It was two of Carrell’s apprentices in 1995 who began treating scars and wrinkles with  hypodermic needles. Today it is illegal by the Cosmetology Board to pierce the skin using Microneedling devices: making it illegal for Estheticians to Microneedle. It is legal in all states for Licensed Acupuncturists, Medical Doctors and Nurses to Microneedle. Upper level Microneedling workshops and seminars are only offered to these licensed professionals.

How It Works:
Microneedling creates a small wound, this results in the skin’s healing response increasing collagen production and new skin cells. Depending on the depth of the needle’s penetration, this can offer skin rejuvenation levels from simple enhancement of product absorption to the clinical treatment of scars and wrinkles. Microneedling creates micro channels in the skin. When these channels are created the skin produces more collagen and elastin thereby making the skin firmer and smoother. Microneedling increases product absorption by 3,000%. Nanoneeedling is similar to Microneedling but uses a different tip on the microneedling pen. Unlike Microneedling, Nanoneedling  does not penetrate into the dermis. It stays more superficial, in the epidermis making it gentler and ideal for the orbital area and red part of the lips. Nanoneedling reaches 0.15 mm into the skin and increases product absorption by 97%. It treats interstitial fluid around the eyes and clears the buildup of bilirubin due to a sluggish liver.
The Clinic:

Kristi has attended numerous hands-on workshops and conferences taught by various leaders in the field of Microneedling. This included upper division courses only taught to Licensed Acupuncturist, Medical Doctors and Nurses. She has taken this body of information into consideration while developing her own style of Microneedling. Her background in Chinese Herbology has led her to search out the most effective serums used worldwide with Microneedling. The research shows that Swiss Apple stem cells produce better clinical results than RPR facials. A variety of serums are used at the clinic for the treatment of different skin concerns and hair regrowth. All new patients are treated from a holistic Chinese Medical perspective and receive a thorough evaluation before starting a course of treatment. Herbal and Nutritional recommendations are offered in addition to Microneedling to ensure the patient’s constitution is being addressed.


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