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I continue to see Kristi because she has worked through and resolved every issue I have had. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, thorough, empathetic, professional and efficient. She is a great listener, keeps excellent notes on my conditions and…


Kristi is there to help and listen. Her knowledge of Chinese herbs is mind blowing. I am so glad to call myself her patient. Her new clinic is AMAZING…warm, inviting and safe. I truly can’t say enough about this special…


Kristi has helped me so much through the years! With my knee replacement she did a technique called threading that helped me heal with scar tissue build up and made my scar nearly invisible! Kristi’s holistic approach, professionalism , and…


Not only was Kristi able to help me solve some confusing health issues, she was thoughtful, reassuring, knowledgeable and asked very detailed questions in order to pinpoint the problems, their underlying causes and help me through treating them until my…


I finally let Kristi work her magic. Her ability to assess and treat my sciatica pain was awesome! Kristi is very knowledgeable, and has a natural ability to connect with people. She is so well suited in her profession.


She treated me for 6 weeks (with acupuncture and Chinese herbs), and then I had my bloodwork done again. Much to my surprise the bloodwork showed my thyroid was working, and well within a normal range. She is a very…


Kristi cured my sciatica which for me was a miracle. Her healing touch with her craft is truly amazing…Kristi is the most compassionate, caring professional I have ever had the privilege to meet in my 6 decades.


I asked my internist (a D.O.) for a recommendation and he said there was only one person he would consider recommending because of her extensive high-level training. That is how I met Kristi…The results were miraculous.