I am a Santa Ynez

I am a Santa Ynez Valley resident and have been lucky enough to benefit from Kristi’s incredible care for over ten years now. She has been my primary care specialist in treating a number of incredibly painful conditions including sciatica, rotator cuff issues, pinched nerves in my back (that traveled down my right arm), meniscus tear, regular stress/anxiety that has led to sleep issues… you name it. And no, I am not a total mess – I am a normal adult in her late 40’s that is going through all the usual trauma that comes with an active life! However, let me be clear: I do not ‘enjoy’ needles or acupuncture – but I continue to see Kristi because she has worked through and resolved every issue I have had. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, thorough, empathetic, professional and efficient. She is a great listener, keeps excellent notes on my conditions and is always positive and quick to respond when I have questions or concerns. I still don’t like acupuncture. But I REALLY do not like being in pain and having my life disrupted by physical issues. So, Kristi Hundt will forever be on my speed dial and I will consult her for any future ailment she will allow me to throw her direction. By the way, she has a truly lovely new office in Solvang. Quite pleasant and convenient. ~ A.W.J.